2017 Tryouts Posting

We will start posting tryouts announcements on Monday - July 18. We ask that organizations submit their information on the form available on our website at
http://marylandyouthbaseball.com/submissions with the following information:

- Organizations name
- Age group(s)
- Location
- Dates (rain dates, optional)
- Contact info
- Other optional info, such as number of tourneys, travel league if any (i.e. CRAB, CBA, MABA), websites, registration, etc

This is the only information we will post. We will not post flyers or other verbiage.

If you need to share your info before July 18, or need to include flyers, verbiage, etc, then you can post it under our Forum Section of the website (http://MarylandYouthBaseball.com/forum). You can login to the Forums Section using your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media account. But, please keep postings appropriate. We reserve the right to delete anything that isn’t appropriate. You can post in the Forums and also ask to have it posted under our Tryouts Section.

Thanks, good luck and enjoy the rest of the summer.